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Archive for June, 2010

Let’s go to the beach!

Today we woke up to just beautiful weather. We decided that this is the perfect day for the beach. After slowly waking up and waiting for the bus, we headed for the beaches in Nice in the afternoon. When we go there, we realized that this beach is different from most of the other beaches […]

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My Life in France

Before I went to France I wanted a good book I could read on the beach. Since I loved the movie Julie and Julia so much, I wanted to get the book that the movie was based on. While I was in the bookstore in Edinburgh, I saw a book titled “My Life in France” […]

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I am in France! This is my first time out of the UK since January. I flew from Newcastle and met my family in Nice. We are renting a house in Vence which is a small town about 15 miles outside of Nice. The house we are staying in was built in the 1200s and […]

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Ayr and Newcastle

This week I visited two of my flatmates in Ayr, Scotland and Newcastle, England. I had a great time!! Here are some photos… Ayr ¬† ¬†Newcastle ¬†

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My last post from Edinburgh

I am writing my last post from Edinburgh because I am leaving tomorrow morning. This does not mean that it is my last post ever, because I will be traveling for a few weeks and I will still keep you updated. Over the last week, all 11 of my flatmates have been going home and […]

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