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Gym in Edinburgh

Today was the first time I went to the gym here! I used my flatmate’s (Josie’s) gym card to get in. Otherwise it would cost 3 pounds each day or 60 pounds per semester. I decided not to get a pass for the semester in the beginning of the year because I will be walking […]

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To microwave or not to microwave. That is the question.

The other day, I was discussing with my flatmates about how many things I microwave compared to everyone else in the flat. Here is a list of things I put in the microwave at home… Water (to boil, for tea and instant coffee) Macaroni and Cheese Sausage Potato (Baked Potato) Bacon I am sure there […]

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Last Thursday, Lindsay and I took a 4 day trip to London! It was great! We got on the train, and right when we got on I got a text message from Alistair (one of my flatmates). He said that all of the airports were closed in the UK because there was a volcano in […]

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More words used in the UK

Here are a few more words and phrases that some people say here in the UK. Keep in mind that not everyone says these words, but these words are not usually used in the US. Since my flatmates are from different parts in the UK, they each say different sayings. But here they are… Banter: […]

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Party in the UK (not USA)!

Two of my flatmates (Alistair and Steph) were turning 19, so we had a birthday party for both of them. We decided to have a kids birthday party in the flat with baloons, games, and snacks. The theme was 1960s! Everyone had to dress up too! So, a few days before the party we made […]

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Different words in the UK

Here is a list of words that Americans use and people from the UK use… American word vs. UK word Bangs = Fringe Pants = Trousers Grilled Cheese Sandwich = Tostie Sidewalk = Pavement Studying = Revising Movie = Film Grocery Store = Supermarket or shops Trash = Rubbish Utensils = Cutlery Laundry = Washing […]

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New Town

The other day I decided to go over to “New Town.” This is actually not that new…it was built in the late 1700s and early 1800s. I just walk about 10 minutes from my flat and I am in New Town. Because my flat and University is in the Old Town, I have not explored […]

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