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Possibly the best building in Edinburgh

For my Architectural History class I have to write an essay about a building in Edinburgh. I decided to write about the Public Library because I love the library and I love the building. So today I went to take pictures inside the library. While I was taking my last picture a librarian came up […]

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Hollywood in Edinburgh

So yesterday I was walking out of the Public Library (which is next to The Elephant House) and I saw a few people across the street with lights and other equipment. I was curious, so I went closer. There was a sign that said “Filming in Progress.” I was so excited. In my head I […]

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My Flatmates

As I said before, I live in a 12 person flat. You may think that sounds scary, but it is definitely not! I love it here! There are always people to hang out with. So my flatmates wanted me to write a “profile” about them. So here’s a few words about each flatmate… Sam: He […]

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From Pasta to Pancakes

I went to the public library…again…and got cooking books! I got a book called “From Pasta to Pancakes: The Ultamate Student Cookbook.” This has easy recipies with few ingredients, so it is perfect for students. I have already made a few things like Basil, Garlic, Feta, Rocket and olive oil spaghetti. I also made fried […]

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This weekend

This past weekend, Kerry came to visit! We had a great time! 6 of her friends from Ireland came too and stayed at a hostel. We hiked Arthur’s Seat, went on a 3 hour walking tour, went on a ghost tour…and ate a deep fried mars bars! Here are some pictures…

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Tutorials and Lectures

At the University of Edinburgh I am taking 3 classes. Usually each class is 20 credits, so I am taking 60 credits. Most people here take 60 credits. Overall, I have less class time that at Mary Washington. The classes I am taking are Archaeology of Scotland, Celtic Civilization, and Architectural History. Here is my […]

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The past few days…

While I am writing this, I am in my room being serenated by lovely singing from the drunk people outside. I hear this frequently because I live on a street where there are pubs, clubs, and student accomodations. Even though I hear it frequently, it does not bother me while I am sleeping. I usually […]

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Culture Shock

Ok, so since I am studying abroad, I am supposed to talk about how different this country is to my experiences in the United States, right? Honestly, Edinburgh is not very different than the United States. I did not have to adjust a lot to a different culture. There is a different culture of living […]

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I am going to Loch Lomond

I have tried 3 times to get tickets for day trips with the International Student Center (ISC). I tried to get tickets to a trip to St. Andrews and the highlands for a tour of a whisky distillery. Everytime they were sold out! I even got there 30 minutes early, and the line was very […]

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